Mark Mazumder

I am a fourth year PhD candidate in the Harvard Edge Computing Lab under the supervision of Prof. Vijay Janapa Reddi. I was a machine learning intern at Apple for Summer 2023, Fall 2022, and Summer 2022, and at Landing AI for Summer 2021. Previously, I worked on machine learning and computer vision research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

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DataPerf: Benchmarks for Data-Centric AI Development
Mark Mazumder, Colby Banbury, Xiaozhe Yao, Bojan Karlaš, William Gaviria Rojas, Sudnya Diamos, Greg Diamos, Lynn He, Alicia Parrish, Hannah Rose Kirk, Jessica Quaye, Charvi Rastogi, Douwe Kiela, David Jurado, David Kanter, Rafael Mosquera, Juan Ciro, Lora Aroyo, Bilge Acun, Lingjiao Chen, Mehul Smriti Raje, Max Bartolo, Sabri Eyuboglu, Amirata Ghorbani, Emmett Goodman, Oana Inel, Tariq Kane, Christine R. Kirkpatrick, Tzu-Sheng Kuo, Jonas Mueller, Tristan Thrush, Joaquin Vanschoren, Margaret Warren, Adina Williams, Serena Yeung, Newsha Ardalani, Praveen Paritosh, Lilith Bat-Leah, Ce Zhang, James Zou, Carole-Jean Wu, Cody Coleman, Andrew Ng, Peter Mattson, Vijay Janapa Reddi
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing Systems Track on Datasets and Benchmarks (NeurIPS), 2023.
Multilingual Spoken Words Corpus
Mark Mazumder, Sharad Chitlangia, Colby Banbury, Yiping Kang, Juan Manuel Ciro, Keith Achorn, Daniel Galvez, Mark Sabini, Peter Mattson, David Kanter, Greg Diamos, Pete Warden, Josh Meyer, Vijay Janapa Reddi
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing Systems Track on Datasets and Benchmarks (NeurIPS), 2021.
Harvard News: Voice technology for the rest of the world
Press: How to Democratize ML?
Dataset Download:
New Datasets to Democratize Speech Recognition Technology
Mark Mazumder, Juan Felipe Cerón, Daniel Galvez
The Gradient, 2021.
The People's Speech: A Large-Scale Diverse English Speech Recognition Dataset for Commercial Usage
Daniel Galvez, Greg Diamos, Juan Torres, Keith Achorn, Anjali Gopi, David Kanter, Max Lam, Mark Mazumder, Vijay Janapa Reddi
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing Systems Track on Datasets and Benchmarks (NeurIPS), 2021.
Few-Shot Keyword Spotting in Any Language
Mark Mazumder, Colby Banbury, Josh Meyer, Pete Warden, Vijay Janapa Reddi
Interspeech, 2021.
Towards an Autonomous Aerial Survey and Planning System for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response
Ross Allen, Mark Mazumder
IEEE Aerospace Conference (AeroConf), 2020.
Active Rendezvous for Multi-Robot Pose Graph Optimization using Sensing over Wi-Fi
Weiying Wang, Ninad Jadhav, Paul Vohs, Nathan Hughes, Mark Mazumder, Stephanie Gil
International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR), 2019
Guaranteeing Spoof-Resilient Multi-Robot Networks
Stephanie Gil, Swarun Kumar, Mark Mazumder, Dina Katabi, Daniela Rus
Autonomous Robots, 2017.
MIT News: Security for Multirobot Systems.
This journal article subsumes our 2015 RSS paper.
Autonomous Racecar Robotics Instructor, MIT 6.A01 Autonomous Racecar Robotics Seminar. Fall 2019
Faculty: Prof. Sertac Karaman

Course Notes:
Students train the MIT RACECAR to autonomously drive through Stata basement, using only monocular RGB camera inputs. This course provides students with an introduction to deep learning and embedded robotics.

Video: Onboard perspective

Video: Third-person view
Instructor, MIT NEET-AM Machine Learning Labs, Faculty: Prof. Sertac Karaman. Spring 2019
NVIDIA coverage: MIT Students Kick Self-Driving Mini-Cars into High Gear with GPU-Powered Data Science Workstations

Instructor, MIT 6.S184/16.S685 RACECAR IAP Jan 2019
Instructor, MIT 16.S688 Autonomous Machines Seminar, Faculty: Prof. Sertac Karaman. Fall 2018
Lab assistant, MIT 16.30/16.31 Feedback Control Systems, Faculty: Prof. Sertac Karaman. Fall 2018
Instructor, MIT 6.A01 Autonomous Racecar Robotics Seminar, Faculty: Prof. Sertac Karaman. Fall 2017
Lab assistant, MIT 6.829 Computer Networks, Faculty: Prof. Dina Katabi. Fall 2015
Teaching Fellow, Harvard CS161: Operating Systems, Faculty: Prof. Margo Seltzer. Spring 2011
Workshop Activities
Learning Perception and Action Workshop: ICRA 2020 Learning, Perception, and Action Workshop at ICRA 2020
I am a co-organizer for the autonomous treasure hunt (ATH) competition as part of our ICRA 2020 workshop. This challenge required particpants to jointly optimize strategies for perception and exploration in a photo-realistic Unity-based simulation environment.
STEM Outreach
BWSI-UAV Instructor, Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing, Beaver Works Summer Institute
Course Website:

More info: Beaver Works Summer Institute

Summer 2019 [Final Competition Video]
Summer 2018

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